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Our therapists are all professionally qualified, insured and undergo comprehensive training. They are fun, friendly and passionate about massage.

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Nickname: ‘Pam’
Star sign: Scorpio
Job Title: Part Time Beauty Therapist
Qualification: NVQ Level 2 Beauty therapy, ITEC Level 3 Spa Therapy, ITEC Level 3 Makeup

Pamela puts the Beauty into beauty therapy. No matter how many massages, facials or manicures are packed into her day, Pamela makes sure she does it all in style. With hair and make-up always on fleek you’d think she’s got a glam squad swarming around her tweaking her hair and powdering her nose in between clients……either she’s really good at hiding them or she’s just that darn pretty!

Favourite Drink: Sweet cocktail without Alcohol
Favourite food: spaghetti
Favourite film: Dirty Dancing / Titanic
Favourite quote: ‘Rien  me sert de courir, if taut partir a point!’

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iwona image

Nickname: Yvonne

Star Sign: Virgo

Job Title: Physiotherapist / Face and Body Therapist

Qualifications: Physiotherapy / Diploma in Reiki, Reflexology + Body and Face Therapies

Give her your feet and she’ll tell you your future! If you haven’t had reflexology with her yet then you better be dialling our number as you read. She has the ultimate healing hands and she’ll make you feel as fresh as a cucumber after massaging out all your kinks, twists and knots. She is Ummmm-azing!

Favourite Film: Black Swan

Favourite Quote: ‘Always be yourself!’

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Shereece image

Name: Shereece
Nickname: Cherish
Star sign: Pisces
Job Title: Beauty Therapist
Qualifications: Level 2+3 Beauty Therapy VTCT

Always bubbly, always all smiles, the crowd loves her and she’s got an answer to everything! If we were to hold a contest for a ‘Miss Smooth You’, Shereece would take the crown without leaving her fellow contestants covered in scratches and bruises. She’s perfect!

Favourite Food: Caribbean
Favourite drink: Cranberry Juice
Favourite Film: Think like a man
Favourite Quote: ‘Everything happens for a reason!’


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IMG_5369 (3)

Nickname: Tee
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Job Title: NVQ Level 2 & 3 Beauty Therapy
Qualifications: CIBTAC Diploma in Aesthetic treatments and Beauty Therapy. CIDESCO diploma in Spa Therapy.

With a no-nonsense kind of attitude Theresa gets in and gets the job done. Efficient, swift and thorough… a winning formula in both a hectic spa setting and when it comes to being the ruler of a roost filled with rambunctious boys back home competence and a set of calm nerves are key!

Favourite Food: Jollof Rice
Favourite Drink: Chocolate Frappuccino
Favourite Film: High Crimes
Claim to fame: Demonstration of IPL treatment on ITV ‘This Morning’
Favourite Quote: ‘If you cant handle the truth, don’t ask for it!’

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salime image

Nickname: ‘Salime’
Star sign: Cancer
Job Title: Beauty Therapist
Qualification: NVQ Level 1 + 2 + 3 in Beauty Therapist

Oh hello Dear! A true Turkish Delight Salime is sweet, comforting and leaving a lasting impression on you ensuring you are gonna wanna come back for more!

Favourite food: Moroccan
Favourite drink: Water
Favourite film: Vizyontele
Favourite quote: ‘Never Say Never…’
Claim to Fame: Has carried out beauty treatments on the stars of Channel 4s ‘Made in Chelsea’

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