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Frequently Asked Questions


Got a query? Curious how it works? Here we answer all of your questions….

We want your massage to be a fun, friendly, relaxing experience. If there is anything you are unsure of, our FAQ’s below should put your mind at ease.

With so many types of ‘massage’ out there, we promise to only deliver health based massages and therapies. Our therapists are professionally trained and their focus is on protecting, maintaining and restoring your health and helping you relax.

We are based in Central London meaning that we can have one of our professional therapists with you within one hour of confirming your details. Please let us know where you are to ensure we can cover your area.

To assist with the simplicity of our system, we structure our massages at £65 per hour, £75 per 90 minutes and £95 for two hours.

Please ensure you check our site regularly, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter be updated with special offers and promotions.

We are open 7 days a week from 9am – 10pm. Please let us know if you would like a service outside of our operating hours as we are sure we can accommodate for this. The best thing to do is check our online booking system – It is completely live and updated in real-time! As soon as a booking is made, that therapist’s availability is automatically and immediately updated online. Click here to check availability right now.

Our therapists will come to the comfort of your own home and are trained and highly experienced in performing excellent massages on your own bed or floor, whichever you prefer. If you really want a massage table please send us an email here to organise (there will be an extra charge depending on where you are).

We try to ensure this experience is as easy and stress free for you as possible, your therapist will bring a high quality oil, appropriate music and of course a happy attitude and excellent sense of touch. All we ask you to provide is your own towel to cover and protect yourself, and any furnishings from oil.

We want you to be at your own comfort level. Most people undress down to their underwear, whilst others prefer to be nude (under a towel, of course) – we leave it up to you.

Our team of therapists are highly qualified and professional – you will not be disappointed with any of them. We are aware that each therapist has their own personal style, so feel free to browse our online booking system to choose a therapist.

It’s easy! Our system is updated live in real time and our therapists are contacted immediately when you press the confirm button. You can choose the therapist, the time and the length of your treatment.

click here to go straight to our Online Booking System or click here if you want instructions first.

To ensure there is nothing to prevent you from having your massage, please consider the questions below and inform us via our ‘comment box’ on the online booking form if anything applies so that we can inform your therapist in advance:
– Do you suffer any allergies?
– Have you undergone any recent surgery?
– Have you taken any drugs or alcohol in the last 24 hours?
– Do you have any medical conditions or injuries that might affect your massage?
If you are at all unsure, please check with your doctor in advance of booking.

First time and unsure? We suggest you book a 60minute massage. This allows you to see how you feel and ask your therapist for any advice. 60 minutes allows him/her to focus on all areas of your body so you can consider what you prefer for next time.

We advise not to have a massage on a full stomach and to avoid drinking alcohol before and after to avoid feeling dizzy.

This is your time to lie back and relax. It’s usually best to close your eyes and tune out, however if you feel more comfortable talking, then do what makes you feel most at ease.

All payments are made online via our safe gateway portal. Payment must be made in full to complete your booking. All debit cards and credit cards are accepted.

Gratuity is completely at your discretion.

The sense of touch can easily activate your nervous system. Therefore, it is possible that men may get an erection during a massage. Please do not feel embarrassed about this. Your therapist is professionally trained, understands this and will ignore it. Please note however, that no sexual requests will be tolerated and may be reported to the police.

We recommend massages every week or two weeks. If this isn’t possible, try to have them on a regular basis or try to commit to once a month.

Yes, massage is perfectly safe after the first trimester of your pregnancy.

To avoid pressure on your abdomen, you will lie on your side and back or sit on a special chair during your pregnancy massage. We can’t massage you during the first 3 months of pregnancy unless you have written approval from your doctor . Please check on your therapists profile that they are pregnancy massage trained.

As the body releases toxins through massage. you might feel a little dizzy or suffer a headache after a massage. These are natural reactions which you should not worry about. Drink lots of water to decrease these symptoms. Feeling soreness in your muscles the next day is also perfectly natural – Feel good about it, like you do after a good session at the gym!

We understand that unexpected changes can happen. Please note that as soon as you book a therapist, her diary is immediately reserved for you for the whole of the booked massage time plus travel time before and after. This means she is unable to be booked by anyone else during that whole period.

No cancellations or changes allowed within 24 hours of your appointment.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give us 24 hours notice prior to your booking to avoid a cancellation fee.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your booking, you will still be charged.

Please note, same day bookings are non-refundable.

Health Questionnaire
Medical Information

If you have any health condition (whether or not listed below) we recommend that you proceed only with your doctor's approval

All of our therapists are trained to provide you with a personalised treatment to suit your needs and to provide you with personalised home care and advice